Together Again
On June 7th, we returned to our normal in-person worship at Cove. We began with two worship services adhering to the state and federal “social distance” guidelines see below: 
  • Between 60-75 chairs were set up for worship service ensuring we all adhered to the “social distance” guidelines for the building.
  • The evening, prior to worship service, the church was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized making sure it was safe for everyone to return.
  • Children’s Ministry was not available, permitting all children to be part of the main worship services.
  • Additional precautions were taken to assure each member felt comfortable as we eased back into gathering together.
  • For those who felt uncomfortable attending the in-person worship services, the message was posted via Facebook, as well as being emailed.
Thank you for your faithfulness. Your Pastor, Elders, and so many others have been working hard to make the transition each week to meet the needs of our members.
Effective Sunday July 19th, we returned to our regular scheduled, in-person, 10:30 am service. We look forward to seeing you Sunday morning.
Please let us know if you have any questions and thoughts you would like to share.